friend or foe?

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untitled [introduction]
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"friend or foe?"
A collection of 21 images (dimensions of each: 8x8 inches). Created in photoshop, these images were then mounted on wood panels. Exhibited in the 2008 Senior Exhibit at Messiah College in Grantham, PA.
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artist statement

Wolf or dog:

fear-trust, hate-love, fiendish-gentle, slayer-protector

The dichotomy could go on, and yet the attributes and roles we assign wolves and dogs resist reduction. Though quickly labeled the evil counterpart of their good domesticated brethren, neither wolves, nor dogs, can entirely break free of their common mold.

It is in this complexity and in this vocabulary that we discover our own condition attributed to these animals. These canines that have lived beside us for thousands of years have become anthropomorphic portraits of their human companions.

Drawing from a diversity of sources- personal, literary, historical and cultural- this glimpse, this small collection, presents a visual vocabulary that forms a larger reality.